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More you and less us

Bossers & Cnossen

The world is changing rapidly. Technological developments are almost impossible to keep up with, and new products and services are coming and going at a rapid pace. 
Today you can work in IT and you can work with IT. The first one is a choice. The second one, no one can escape anymore. B&C is aware of this and has managed to transform itself from a traditional IT organization into a future-proof one. Actually by one simple method: more you and less us. Listening to the needs of users, and the shifts and trends on the market. 

The success story

In 1988, Bossers & Cnossen was founded as a software company. The software was developed by two programmers. Soon, the company switched to building clone PCs. After 2000 the first servers were installed at customer’s facilities. B&C attracted other employees with different skillsets who were also innovative thinkers, brainstorming about new forms of service. In 2010, 'the cloud' was introduced and the first customers were placed in a virtual environment. Almost three years ago, B&C transformed into a holacracy in which talent is given a real chance. Today, with 80 employees, we are working hard on AI and training the skills of users in addition to placing hardware. 

Did you know?

We invest in inspiring start-ups that contribute to the global sustainable development goals? Because we have been around for so many years, we know the ropes. We are eager to pass on this knowledge so that in 10 years' time, the bright minds of today will still be able to share their innovative ideas.
“Sharing Ideas & IT” is our motto, sharing knowledge is what we are good at.

What makes B&C awesome?

Are you and B&C a match?

B&C has been in existence for 30 years already, and within the IT industry you have to be the daredevil that tries new things to stay ahead. Fortunately, there is room for that. Good idea? Then why not? Even though we don't always realize it: with our ideas, products and services, we are often a pioneer within our market. And because of that, we dare to say we are actually pretty awesome. Do you have the next outstanding idea?

When you feel comfortable in the following, you definitely have a match with Bossers & Cnossen: 

  • Be the entrepreneur in your own role, optimally utilizing your talents;
  • Good idea? Why not? We practice a "safe enough to try" mentality;
  • Always innovating and optimizing, continuously striving to find the better and smarter solution; 
  • Everyone is equal here, all with their own character and expertise.

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