Ultra modern sensor systems


Catching poachers in Africa, smugglers in Saudi Arabia and riot instigators during soccer games, all because of the 360 degrees camera technology made by Horus. The company is located in Bedum, a small village near Groningen, but its technology is used all over the world.

The successstory

The company was founded in 2011 and things took off fast. Horus was in the top 100 most innovative SMEs of the Netherlands in 2013, 2014 and 2017 and currently employs 24 people, to develop very impressive sensor software and hardware for people around the world.

Horus’ sensor systems and cameras can be combined all kinds of software, like facial recognition and heat sensors. No wonder their system was used to provide extra protection during the Nuclear Summit in 2014. Last year, Horus received extra funding from the Economic Board Groningen growth stimulation fund, to accelerate the development of their technology. Horus also has plans to open other offices in the US and Thailand.

What makes Horus awesome?

Horus, named after the ‘all seeing eye’ in Egyptian mythology, combines video and sensor technology, Geographical Information Systems, Deep Learning, Virtual Reality and Live Data Streaming to get the most detailed view possible.

Founded by René Bolhuis, Horus’ hardware and software is not only used to make the world a safer place, but also used in the entertainment industry and to help train professional athletes.

Did you know?

Founder René Bolhuis used to work as a fireman, and more often than not, he noticed that the building plans and schematics he worked with weren’t accurate enough. He decided to buy his own 360 degrees camera and develop software for more accurate mapping. It worked really well, so decided to start his own company.

Are you and Horus a match?

  • Work on state-of-the art projects;
  • In an international organization;
  • Where connectivity and usability of data plays a major role.

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