Growing fast without managers


Devhouse Spindle is a fast growing company with developers, engineers, designers and marketeers. The startup, founded by Mark Vletter, builds nifty, easy to use, software for business communication. 

The successtory

DevHouse Spindle is is a spin-off of Mark Vletter’s other highly successful companies Voys and VoIPGRID (both in the top 10 of the fastest growing Dutch tech companies).

The role of Spindle is basically to come up with cool and new innovations, the latest being Lily, a digital personal assistant for customer communication. Spindle presented their digital assistant Lily at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam in May 2017, and based on the amount of retweets and likes, Spindle was the second most talked about startup of the conference and almost 300 companies signed up for the waiting list for the beta trial.

Did you know?

In 2003, Voys and Spindle founder Mark Vletter worked in Haiti for roughly six months. He experienced first hand what a lack of access to information and communication does to a country and its people. Now that both his companies are big enough to make a difference, Mark has set up 48percent.org foundation, to bring equality to the world by enabling that last 48% to have access to unrestricted communication.

Spindle also actively supports local initiatives that promote tech and coding and introduces people, young and old, to the world of programming, like Startup Weekend Groningen and Girlsday.

What makes Devhouse Spindle awesome?

Devhouse Spindle works according to the principles of Holacracy, an organization model. This means that there are no managers working at Spindle and all the employees are basically their own bosses, set their own goals and job roles and get the freedom to do their work the way they think works best.

Are you & Spindle a match?

  • You’re completely in charge, no bosses needed
  • Building trailblazing technology
  • A constantly search for a broader view
  • Dare to make mistakes

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