'Booking.com' for boats worldwide


Tubber is a very young startup, founded in 2016 by Anne de Vries and Ron Spoelstra who came up with the idea while on a sailing trip. The platform is basically an Airbnb for pleasure yachts and boats, with over 12.000 to choose from and in more than 600 locations worldwide.

The success story

In just a few short years, the startup has been growing explosively. One of the reasons behind the success and the main thing that sets Tubber apart from the competition, is that they take care of the insurance. It covers just about everything apart from natural disasters and alcohol abuse and it basically makes Tubber very trustworthy for boat owners.

In late 2017, the startup was one of the winners of the Orange Trade Mission Fund, which means they’ll be getting a lot of help in setting foot in the US. More recently, Tubber received an undisclosed investment from Move Fast Ventures and signed deals with three of the world’s biggest fleet owners.

Did you know?

Co-founder Anne de Vries spent a few months sailing around Greece and Croatia to find the first boat owners and rental companies for Tubber, because he felt that meeting them in person and the fact that he could vouch for them personally would make all the difference in the first few years.

Tubber was featured in an article from The Wire, promoting the third season of Silicon Valley, an American comedy television series created by Mike Judge, and focuses on five young men who founded a startup company in Silicon Valley. In this video, the cast had to guess what real startups with funny names actually did. Guess what? They failed hilariously.

What makes Tubber awesome?

Tubber is currently busy conquering the US and the rest of the world. The startup is a platform that connects boat owners with people looking to rent boats and yachts around the world for sailing trips and is currently available in 15 different languages.

Are you & Tubber a match?

  • Informal and a true team spirit;
  • You're completely in charge;
  • Free sailing holiday for every employee!

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