Youngest city in the Netherlands

50% of Groningen residents is under 35, making Groningen the youngest city in both the Netherlands and Europe. Naturally the numerous pubs and restaurants, outdoor cafés and various events and cultural festivals ensure plenty of liveliness and energy during the evenings, weekends and holidays.

During summer, the Stadspark and Noorderplantsoen – lush parks with ponds and sunbathing areas – and the city beach are highly recommended. The catering industry does not have any fixed closing times, so you get to decide when you want to go home. And be sure not to overlook the city’s architecture and museums.


What better way to celebrate summer dancing during a festival? Be sure come to Groningen and take in the outdoor summer beats during one of the many Groningen festivals.

From May until September, the Groningen festival calendar is filled with various activities. Enjoy a concert in the sheep pasture during the festival in the village of Hongerige Wolf, a film evening under the starry sky during Zienemaan & Sterren or spend the day listening to live music in the harbour during ReitdiepPOP. What festival will you go to? 


The city and province of Groningen have the most beautiful and interesting museums in the Netherlands. Various museums highlight all aspects of Groningen life, while galleries and other places of interest are sure to make for an interesting day.  

In addition, the city and province are dotted with magnificent monuments, varying from listed buildings and municipal monuments to conservation areas, all of which are equally valuable. 


Stunning countryside, interesting culture and a dazzling nightlife; Groningen has it all. It will come as no surprise that Groningen residents are among the happiest in the Netherlands.

The city is bustling with life 24/7, with bars and pubs within walking distance and without fixed closing times, so it could take a while before you get home. ‘Groningen is the city that never sleeps.’