Developer @ Devhouse Spindle


Originally from France, Antoine studied Entrepreneurship & Marketing and UX/UI Design in Paris. He started working as a developer for Devhouse Spindle in Groningen in December 2017.

From Paris to Groningen
“I grew up in the French countryside, so Paris was a little too big for my taste and after graduating, I wanted to explore other countries. After a bit of searching, a job opening at Spindle popped up and I decided to go for it. About two months after graduating in Paris, I was working and living in Groningen. The work culture here is very open and more permissive compared to other companies. In fact, it’s a holacracy model, so we don’t have managers, simply put.

Cycling city
My first impression of Groningen; wow, so many bikes! I love cycling, but Paris is not really a bicycle friendly city. I inherited my grandfather’s bike and I really enjoy cycling here. Just ten or 15 minutes, and you’re out in the beautiful open countryside. On a clear day, you can see for kilometers in any direction. Groningen is also a very dynamic city and the people here are very open and balanced. Maybe a bit more straightforward than the French, but I like that.

Making friends while climbing the tallest wall in the world
It was pretty easy for me to meet new people here. I love to play sports, like badminton and climbing. Groningen actually has the tallest free-standing climbing wall in the world, it looks very impressive. I just signed up for a couple of climbing courses and you meet plenty of new people. And of course it’s easy to hang out with people from work.”

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