Developer @ Beeproger


Casper moved from the Hague to Groningen 14 years ago. He has worked for the University Medical Center Groningen, theFactor.e, as an entrepreneur and currently for software and app developer Beeproger.

Say what you mean and do what you say
“I’ve worked for a lot of companies in the Randstad metropolitan area before I came to Groningen. Most of them through secondment, but also for project agencies all over the Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague triangle. The general mentality is a little different here; less agitated and a culture of saying what you mean and doing what you say.”

Compact and without closing hours
“It’s nice to live and work in such a laid back city, which I’ve been doing for about 14 years now. Groningen is cozy, uncluttered and most of all very friendly. And it’s also a student town, which means a lot of young people living here and the bars have no closing hours.”

Bustling with tech startups
“There’s a lot of awesome things happening in Groningen. A big number of cool startups and plenty of great job opportunities in IT. It’s funny, I was working with a guy from Hungary for a while and the first time he laid eyes on the city, he immediately fell in love. He thought the culture and ambiance was a little like Budapest. So not much later, he decided to move here and is still happily working for a cool company here.”

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