Manager Functional Design @ DUO


Henrique studied business administration in Groningen and has worked for several government departments, before she started working as a functional designer for DUO (executive department for education) in September, 2018.

Societal relevance
“I’m currently living in Hoogeveen and I’ve been working for the government for over 16 years now, because I think social awareness and making a difference are important. I’ve worked for the Taxation Office in Apeldoorn, but also the Ministry of Justice and Security and the Immigration Office in The Hague. Aside from working as a Manager Functional Design at DUO, I also build educational apps for elementary school students and teach programming.”  

One big software house
“People normally associate DUO with student loans, but we’re about more than that. We’re also responsible for part of the integration and naturalisation process and managing the information of elementary school students. The digitization of all that data is no easy feat and we’re actually one big software house.
The atmosphere here is very informal and of course it’s a really beautiful office building to work in. DUO also offers plenty of new opportunities within the organization. There’s training for designers, developers and testers in general, but you can also specialize in an area like information security. You get all the opportunities you need to grow in the things you’re interested in.”

Lots of changes
“I went to the University of Groningen, so I’ve been familiar with the city for quite some time and I also still have a lot of friends here. Groningen is still the cozy, student packed city I remember, but a lot has changed too. It’s nice to see how the city has grown in recent years. Like the Zernike campus, which consisted of maybe three buildings back in my day, and is now a big complex.”

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