Freelance Developer


Born and raised in Tunisia, Hosni worked as a software engineer in Paris, before coming to Groningen in March 2016.

Hitchhiking through Europe and ending up staying in Groningen
“There are far more career opportunities in the IT sector in the EU than there are in Tunisia, so after high school, I decided to study in France. After I graduated, I worked as a software engineer for Orange in Paris. I actually ended up in Groningen completely by chance. During a vacation, I decided to hitchhike through Europe and ended up in Groningen. I met some nice people, and ended up spending my entire holiday here.

From Orange to freelance
After a year or so, I decided to quit my job at Orange and move to Groningen. I like meeting new people, but I didn’t want to hang out with other expats. So I learned Dutch using the Duolingo app and I actually got pretty fluent, pretty fast. Probably because I really love learning new languages. I started working in a co-working space called the Launch Cafe in mid 2016 and within a week or two, I got a couple of programming gigs and I’ve been freelancing ever since.

Culture of freedom
I really love living in Groningen. It’s a vibrant city and there’s a sort of culture of freedom. The people are very self aware and responsible. If you work hard and do a good job, there are plenty of opportunities here. It’s funny, because it’s pretty much the American Dream, but it’s in the Netherlands. There’s plenty of work and plenty of great people here, so I won’t be moving away anytime soon!”  

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