Developer @ Devhouse Spindle


Jukka was born and raised in Finland and came to Groningen in September 2016. He currently works as a developer for Devhouse Spindle, where he does back-end development and backlog management among other things.

From Helsinki to Groningen
“My girlfriend is from Groningen and we met during a holiday in Kopenhagen. It started out as a long distance relationship, but I visited her frequently of course, so I was already familiar in Groningen before I decided to come live here. I started checking the company overview on foundedingroningen.com and checked all the companies for job vacancies.

Informal workplace
I was actually the first non-Dutch person to work at Spindle, but everyone was nice enough to speak English around me. In fact, they even translated the paperwork for me! I’m learning Dutch now, and it’s going pretty good so far. What’s funny, is that in the Groningen dialect, people say “moi”, which is an informal way of saying hi. It’s the same in Finnish, so that made me feel right at home! The people here are very open and the work culture is very informal.

Lively and compact
Groningen for me is really the perfect size for a city. I lived in Helsinki, which as a city is very sprawled out, while Groningen is very compact and everything is close by. It has a small town feel, but it’s very lively.  I also very much like special beers, cooking and exploring different restaurants in Groningen. My favorite place has to be the market at Vismarkt, which I try to visit every Saturday for its awesome atmosphere and brilliant food products.

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