Software Engineer @ HackerOne


Originally from Ankara, Turkey, Miray studied Computer Engineering at the Middle East Technical University. She started working for HackerOne in Groningen in October 2017.

An IT career in the EU
“It’s hard for women to have a career in the IT sector, especially in Turkey. I was working in Istanbul and didn’t feel like I was doing the work I studied for, which was Computer Engineering. I always wanted to work abroad and also applied for a PhD position in the UK, but I couldn’t get an EU work visa at the time. One of my best friends told me about a software engineer position at HackerOne in Groningen. We both applied, but I was offered the job and I blindly accepted it.

The perfect job
My best friend’s friend studied in Groningen, so I knew a little about the city before I moved here. And of course Google Maps gave me a good impression of what the city looked like. I was the first female engineer working at the HackerOne office and the office manager really helped me a lot with getting settled and all the administrative things, like opening a Dutch bank account, getting a social security number and things like that.

Clean air, social and open people
Groningen is really a great place to live. The people are very social, open and respectful, the air is so clean and breathable, especially if you’re used to living in Istanbul! And I can buy healthy and fresh food at the market. There are also plenty of fun things to so and a lot of coding initiatives for women, like Rails Girls. I’m also working with CodeBuddies, an initiative to promote coding for girls in high school, which is a lot of fun!”

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