Developer @ Devhouse Spindle


Born in Albania and raised in Greece, Stella studied Computer Science and Business & Economics in Patras. She has been living and working in Groningen since March 2017 and currently works for Devhouse Spindle as an Android developer.

A very European city with a blooming startup scene
“I’ve been living in Groningen for a little over a year. What attracted me in the first place, is that the startup scene here is really blooming. And it’s a very European city in every respect, where everyone speaks English and of course the city is one of the most bicycle friendly cities in Europe."

When I was still a student in Greece, I was part of AIESEC, an international youth organization for students and recent graduates interested in world issues, leadership and management. They also have a department in Groningen, so it was easy for me to get some help in all the things I needed to get settled here. But as an EU resident, it’s fairly easy anyway. The only thing that’s different is the tax system.

Vibrant city, great cocktails
When I came to Groningen, I worked as an app developer for a company called MetaMicro. Then Spindle contacted me for a position as an Android developer through LinkedIn. I’ve been working here ever since.

Finding hobbies, things to do or initiatives to be part of was really easy. Groningen is a very vibrant city, there are no closing hours for bars and cafés and I was actually surprised that a lot of really big bands perform at the concert venues here. And there are a couple of cool bars like Mr. Mofongo, where they serve good cocktails and De Toeter, where they have a big selection of craft beers.”

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