Testspecialist en Scrum Master @ theFactor.E


Born and raised in de Achterhoek in the eastern part of the Netherlands, Wessel came to Groningen to study at the university. He has done IT project work for a number of companies and government departments, including DUO (the office in charge of student loans), RDW (Netherlands Vehicle Authority) and Centraal Beheer Achmea (insurance). Since 2014, Wessel works as a Test Specialist and Scrum Master for theFactor.e.

Everything close by
“Groningen feels like somewhat of an island in the Northern Netherlands. It has everything a large city has, just more compact. It doesn’t really matter in which neighbourhood you live, everything is just a short bike ride away. And culture is very important to the city, so there’s lots of it and a lot of effort is put in to it too. I play in bands and as a musician there’s loads of opportunities to play. There’s also Eurosonic Noorderslag every year, the biggest music showcase festival in Europe.”

Companies give back to the community
In terms of IT jobs, things are going great. There are more and more startups popping up, along with cool international initiatives like Startup Weekend, People here are more grounded, but companies really have a connection to the city and give back to the community, whether it’s sponsoring cool initiatives and events, giving programming lessons in schools or entrepreneurs sharing their expertise with students of both the Hanze University and the University of Groningen.

Focused on innovation
“I’m having a great time working for theFactor.e. We sponsor Eurosonic/Noorderslag, which I think is really awesome, but we also have our very own company band, which I’m happy to be a part of. And our company, much like a lot of other local companies, is very focused on innovation. Every year, we close shop for three days and work on all sorts of crazy ideas. Billy our mobile testing lab is one of those crazy ideas coming out of our annual company hackathon.”

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