Do you have the G-factor?

Do you have the G-factor?


The Groningen G stands for growth, both personal and economical. You can develop your talent further in Groningen to ensure our companies grow with your talent. Groningen is a lively, inspirational and rapidly expanding city with a digital mindset and internationally operating digital companies. This is where you have the companies, scene, space, countryside and quiet to give your talent every chance. Welcome to Growningen! If you want to grow,  be sure to check your career opportunities here.

Growth mindset

Groningen is brimming with young entrepreneurial talent. This is where digital heroes collaborate in exciting themes, such as 5G, Blockchain, cyber-safety and more. In addition, we are down to earth and prepared to roll up our sleeves to build something cool together. So challenge yourself, share your knowledge, learn new things and exploit your talent in Groningen.

Doing good things

The good thing about digitalisation is that you can reach the entire world with your message, service or product. Groningen digital heroes are working on an improved world, such as global connectivity, secure Internet, privacy, health and mobility. If you are a digital idealist, Groningen is the place to come to for action.

Groninger G

No cool job in Groningen without a proper G. How do you pronounce it? Start practising the G in Groningen dialect to ensure a proper pronunciation during your application!

Get Ready for YouTube Rewind 2018 | #RewindIsComing

Get Ready for YouTube Rewind 2018 | #RewindIsComing


The G-stamp is a hallmark for people with the G-factor, the symbol you proudly wear and propagate. Download it here, share your Groningen G video on social media and show that you are a real Groningen resident.