Experimental garden for 5G

5Groningen is turning Noord-Groningen into the ultimate experimental garden for the latest generation of mobile Internet. Entrepreneurs collaborate with experts to make 5G available for everyone.

The reliable hi-speed network has been developed to send giant amounts of data simultaneously without any deceleration in the network.

5Groningen pilots

The applications of 5G are infinite. Examples that have already been tested include the following: 

  • Exchanging energy with your neighbours using 5G
  • Smart street lamps with 5G
  • Measuring water quality using sensors and 5G technology
  • Optimising care logistics using 5G

Contribute to the future

5Groningen is currently testing the application of 5G in the areas of agriculture, care, energy, traffic & logistics, environment and (smart) industry.

They expand on each application by holding workshops and brainstorm sessions. They do this with a multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurs from the region, technology fans and 5G experts, thus ensuring that the latest generation of mobile communication is a magnificent experiment in Groningen!