Companies, knowledge institutions and social organisations together acknowledge the applications and options of Big Data in Groningen. 

Largest data bank and bio bank in the Netherlands

Lifelines is the largest data bank and bio bank in the Netherlands. This project collects data of over 165,000 residents living in the north of the Netherlands. The participants participate in physical examinations and complete surveys about their health. This yields huge amounts of data which ensure wonderful opportunities for (medical) scientific research, both for today as well as in the future. This allows scientific research into healthy ageing.

Lifelines applications

The giant amount of available data allows for numerous examinations into healthy ageing and what affects this. Research includes:

  • Health: how does a pregnancy proceed and what are the consequences of this on the health of both mother and child?
  • ADHD: how does ADHD affect happiness and health?
  • Blue light: how do tablets and smartphones affect young people’s biological clock?