Energy, health care, business, environment; this is just a random pick from the various themes Blockchain has, and can have, a far-reaching impact. Luckily so, because the challenges of the 21st century can be solved only if the various ecosystems collaborate. In Groningen, we actually work together to meet these challenges.

The largest blockchain hackathon in the world

For the third sequential year, the largest blockchain and Al hackathon in the world is to take place in Groningen. During this event, programmers, entrepreneurs and other interested parties from all over the world will come to Groningen for two days to collaborate and come up with solutions for challenges that confront the whole world, both now and in the future. For three days, the Suikerfabriek in Groningen will function as the epicentre of a venue where new ideas and connections will develop between teams, the government and companies that would normally not collaborate.

Blockchain course

But more is happening in Groningen in the area of Blockchain. Teachers from the Instituut voor Communicatie , Media en IT (Institute for Communications, Media and IT, or CMI) for the Hanzehogeschool Groningen have established the Blockchain basics course at the IT Academy Noord-Nederland. In conjunction with professionals from other organisations from the northern part of the Netherlands,

they will be involved in modelling, the use of modelling within an organisation and the basic concepts that form the basis of a blockchain. The ultimate objective of this course is to make blockchain part of the curriculum of the Instituut voor CMI.

Energy & blockchain

In addition to blockchain, energy is another hot topic in Groningen. It may therefore be obvious that plenty of experimentation in the area of blockchain applications in the energy sector are carried out in Groningen. Under the denominator of ‘Groningen Energy Bank’, the municipality of Groningen will exchange and calculate energy in the same district using blockchain. The building-bound financing of the energy transition is also made possible, for which loans are not linked to the resident but instead to the immovable property to ensure that houses in Groningen can be made gas-free more quickly.

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