Leader in cyber safety

In Groningen, digital talents are provided with all the space they need to exploit their ideas, knowledge and expertise. The city has a strong digital position in the Netherlands and beyond and there is plenty of attention for securing digital systems, data and company information.

Staying safe in a digital world

This is how companies, students and society collaborate in the cyber security community and where the largest test lab for IoT devices is developed. Government support ensures that the Cyber Security Noord-Nederland programme will make a flying start, creating over five hundred new jobs for digital talents who will have an impact on the world and future!


Making society safer, protecting the business world against cyber-attacks and promoting innovation in the area of cyber safety: it all sounds very well, but what is being done in concrete terms? Just see below:

  • Qbit has developed a (virtual) IoT security test lab where companies, students, teachers and researchers work together to test the security of IoT devices.
  • Young cyber criminals are prevented from recidivism from the Yoda project and encouraged to deploy their digital skills in a legal manner.
  • The Hacklab Noord Nederland provides young and talented Internet users (15-25 years) with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in the area of safety and cyber safety.
  • Boost your knowledge of cyber safety during the annual Northern Security Conference and talk about cyber safety with other digital talents.
  • The Cybersecurity minor of the IT Academy Noord-Nederland trains students to become starting ethical hackers.
  • Cyber-attacks are increasing and are ever smarter, but qualified security analysts are scarce. TNO is working on a solution to respond in a (semi-) automated manner to security incidents.
  • The castle is the workshop for digital expertise where students, teachers and companies collaborate and where the future changes each and every day.
  • Over the next few years, more than four thousand intermediate vocational education, higher professional education and higher education students will be trained in the area of cyber-security using the cyber-safety learning pathway and line of research which is developed in conjunction with intermediate vocational education, higher professional education, the University of Groningen and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO. And there are more cool digital projects.